“The Steering Committee has a crucial role in the organization and success of the Emirates Military Health Conference. As the name suggests, the committee is responsible for steering the conference towards its objectives and ensuring that it is carried out smoothly.
The committee is typically made up of experienced professionals from various fields, including healthcare, military, and event management. They work closely with the conference organizers to develop the conference program, select keynote speakers, and invite participants.
During the conference, the Steering Committee is responsible for overseeing the various sessions and ensuring that they run according to the schedule. They also provide guidance to the organizers on any last-minute changes or issues that arise.
Overall, the Steering Committee plays a vital role in ensuring that the Emirates Military Health Conference achieves its goals of providing a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among military healthcare professionals.”
Staff Brigadier Dr. Aysha Sultan Al Dhaheri
Steering Committee President
Brigadier Dr.Abdul Rahman Nawab Al Blooshi
Steering Committee Chair
Colonel Dr. Mohamed Ebrahim Alzaabi
Steering Committee Member