About MOD

The Ministry of Defence is the premier defence body of the United Arab Emirates, initiated by Resolution No. (1) in May 1976. Since its inception, it has achieved remarkable successes and has taken pioneering steps across various forums.

The Ministry of Defence is committed to providing a modern defence apparatus and creating a full civil service that meets all national security needs. Working within an environment characterized by innovation, creativity, and excellence, its main objectives are to protect the UAE’s sovereignty and interests and develop defence policies in line with global standards.

The ministry comprises many divisions dedicated to monitoring trends in international security, developing strategic defence systems and capabilities, participating in international discussions on peacekeeping and collective security, establishing solid ties with foreign militaries, and working with domestic partners to ensure efficient use of resources.

At the Ministry of Defence, our team of highly qualified professionals strives for excellence in everything we do – from establishing processes for implementing plans to responding rapidly to any emergency situation which might arise throughout the process. Our commitment to protecting and promoting the country’s security will continue with unwavering dedication.


The Ministry of Defence is assigned the vital task of ensuring the UAE’s national defence and advancing its interests in light of contemporary security threats. To this end, it engages in many activities that ensure strong armed forces prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any external or internal challenge.

At the heart of everything we do is strategic foresight – an understanding of the strategic operating environment and its associated implications for defence policy and the development of necessary capabilities. To this end, our teams collaborate with other national entities and international allies to keep ahead of emerging security trends via intelligence collection, analysis, and responding rapidly to changes.

Furthermore, the ministry looks to design future-oriented defence strategies by focusing on effective management and utilization of resources and building future-ready resilient forces through the procurement of the latest technological solutions from reputable partners worldwide. This has led us to be recognized globally as actively participating in many multilateral forums for peacekeeping operations and collective security initiatives.

We remain steadfastly committed to protecting our country’s sovereignty and advancing its interests through all avenues available to us – from diplomatic engagements with friendly nations and maintaining solid relationships with regional unions all the way up to deploying highly trained military forces when needed.


The Ministry of Defence is committed to proactively defending the UAE’s national defence, sovereignty, and victory against all evolving threats. We combine intelligence gathering, informed decision-making, and strategic partnerships with international allies to craft robust defence strategies that can be implemented rapidly in response to any unforeseen situation.

We rely on a wide array of military forces, such as ground troops, navy fleets, air forces, and special forces teams, all trained to detect and respond quickly and effectively to external or internal threats. We constantly strive to upgrade our capabilities by investing in the latest technological solutions from reputable partners worldwide.


The Ministry of Defence and the Emirates Military Health Conference (EMHC) have been working together to promote safe and efficient healthcare practices for military personnel and beyond. The upcoming conferences are set to impact the local and international healthcare industries by facilitating meetings between key stakeholders in order to discuss innovative methods of delivery, medical procedures, treatment innovations, and medical research.

The EMHC’s future conferences allow stakeholders such as medical professionals, researchers, technologists, academic institutions, and industry representatives to come together and share their knowledge and expertise. The discussions focus on various topics covering a broad range of health-related issues, such as mental health resilience, technological advances, patient safety, and innovative treatments. These sessions also allow healthcare professionals to network with each other and establish strong relationships that can benefit the entire community.

The Emirates Military Health Conference along with the Ministry of Defence has since become a major platform for information exchange amongst key individuals in the healthcare sector which is further strengthened through subsequent events. This allows members of the community to improve their operational excellence by gaining access to broader perspectives from experts around the world.
Emirates Military Health Conference Offers a Unique Opportunity for Attendees to Engage in Global Dialogue on Important Issues Facing Armed Forces and Their Families

The Emirates Military Health Conference, organized by the Ministry of Defence, was a premier event for members of the military and healthcare industry to come together and discuss current trends and developments in military health.

This highly anticipated conference sought to foster collaboration between public and private sector stakeholders, highlight successful initiatives to improve the quality of care provided to Armed Forces members and develop new strategies for providing high-quality medical services.

This year’s EMHC provided attendees with an unparalleled opportunity to learn from experts in the field on various topics related to military health. Speakers included leading international academics, senior defence officials, representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and experienced practitioners with direct experience in addressing challenges facing military personnel and their families.

The conference also featured interactive sessions, table discussions, and workshops on various topics such as mental health, traumatic brain injury, occupational health safety, battlefield medicine, and more. Through these activities, participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas, develop solutions-oriented approaches for dealing with unique challenges confronting military healthcare providers, gain access to broader perspectives from experts worldwide, and gain insights into best practices that could be applied in their own organizations.

In addition to the education component of the EMHC, there was also an exhibition area where exhibitors from around the world showcased products and services specifically related to military healthcare.

We look forward to another amazing conference next year and hope to see you there to join us again in this unique platform that provides insights into challenges faced by military health today and develops strategies for tackling these issues.